Analog Circuir Lab Trainer MI-A01A

Analog Circuir Lab Trainer MI-A01A
Analog Circuir Lab Trainer MI-A01A
Product Description

Analog Circuir Lab Trainer is used in science and electronics classrooms worldwide to introduce students to basic electronics components. This trainer is capable of producing sine. It is intended for elementary as well as advance training. Analog Circuir Lab Trainer is able to covers regular analog circuits by solder-less interconnections. Other than that, provided trainer is designed with the idea of providing basic facilities. It is suitable for conducting experiments on TTL ICs. 

  • Onboard Module Mounting Place: 172.5mmX128.5mm Module Mounting Place provide for keeping external modules/Breadboard
  • All the component and circuits are fitted inside the trainer board
  • Symbols and Diagram are printed on glass epoxy PCB
  • Attractive ABS Plastic Cabinet

 Other Details 

  • To Study of Diodes
  • To Study of Half Wave Rectifier
  • To Study of Zener Diode as a voltage regulator
  • To Study of Low Pass Filter
  • To Study of Transistors
  • Many other experiments can be performed with help of external modules that can be mounted on top of trainer board 



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