Nortons Theorem Trainer MI-ET33

Nortons Theorem Trainer MI-ET33
Nortons Theorem Trainer MI-ET33
Product Description

Nortons Theorem Trainer is featured for its precisely-designed, accurate results as well as reliability. This trainer is used to represent any network of linear sources. Other than that, provided trainer is able to study circuit's initial-condition and steady-state response. This trainer is to calculate the voltage across any one of several resistors. Nortons Theorem Trainer is also aid to find the solution for a current. It is ideally applicable for industrial purpose. 

  • Inbuilt Power Supply
  • Inbuilt Voltmeter & Ammeter to take measurements
  • On board variable resistance
  • On board set of fix value resistance to perform experiment
  • User friendly front panel & easy to operate
  • Symbols and Diagram are printed on glass epoxy PCB
  • Attractive shocked proof ABS plastic cabinet 

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