SCR Triggering Circuit Trainer MI-PW04

SCR Triggering Circuit Trainer MI-PW04
SCR Triggering Circuit Trainer MI-PW04
Product Description

SCR Triggering Circuit Trainer designed specifically for the study of SCR Triggering circuits. It is equipped with an inbuilt AC source. This trainer is able to give a better understanding on the operation of Signal Conditioner and Pulse Generator. SCR Triggering Circuit Trainer is ready to use experiment board for SCR triggering technique. It is able to ensure a low resistance across the emitter-base 1 junction. It allows the flow of current during positive half cycle only.

  • Inbuilt AC source
  • Inbuilt DC Power Supply
  • On board Lamp and Resistive load
  • Gradual firing angle control
  • On board Schematic Diagram of SCR Triggering Circuit
  • Test points are provided to observe output signals
  • User friendly front panel and easy to operate
  • Attractive ABS Plastic Cabinet
  • Symbols and Diagram are printed on glass epoxy PCB 


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